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Molecular Biology Lab Technician Position Available

Scarab Genomics, LLC is a research-oriented genomics company developing reduced genome E. coli strains and other innovative tools and products for vaccine producers. The company’s current product offering also includes Vaccine Carrier Proteins CRM197 and Protein D, as well as the C-FLOW™ fermentation platform. The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Purpose of the Position: […]

Scarab Genomics Awarded Patent for Improved Purification of Vaccine Carrier Protein

Scarab Genomics LLC is pleased to report the allowance of US Patent 11,174,284, “Purification of CRM 197 from bacteria”. CRM 197 is a “vaccine carrier protein” that is widely used to enhance the effectiveness of so-called “conjugate vaccines”, for example Pfizer’s Prevnar® and GSK’s Menveo® vaccines, which protect against pneumonia and meningitis respectively. CRM 197 […]

Scarab Genomics Awarded Patent for Continuous Production of Biopharmaceuticals

Scarab Genomics LLC is pleased to report the allowance of US Patent 10,604,736, “Materials and methods for extended continuous flow fermentation of reduced genome bacteria”.  The patented technology, branded “C-Flow”, is poised to revolutionize biopharmaceuticals production, delivering increased efficiency, reliability, consistency and safety, while facilitating rapid process development, thereby reducing time to market. Many biopharmaceuticals […]